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Far away from the pollution of metropolitan areas, our vinyards are located near Wuhai, in the western part of Inner Mongolia. This is where the Yellow River Valley separates the deserts of Kubuqi and Wulanbuhe. The climate is dry and hot, with a big difference in temperature, strong sunlight, and a long frost-free period. Yet the area has rich and high quality water resources for irrigation. Roughness of the desert scene, the setting sun above the Yellow River, and the delicious grape wine gained an excellent reputation.

The unique climate of Wuhai is ideal for growing grapes. Domestic and foreign wine experts have inspected the grapes and found no diseases, insect pests, agricultural chemicals, or pollution. It is the best ingredient for high quality wine. Famous wine companies have settled on the original wine and the natural resource here. Hansen BioWine Co., Ltd. has gained the superiority.

Our grapes are free of artificial or chemical fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides and herbicides. Both our grapes and our wine obtained the China AA certification for organic food and green food in 2007. In the same year, we opened our "Chateau Hansen", a luxurious hotel with excellent cuisine, right next to our winery and main cellar near Wuhai.

Green Food Label

In Inner Mongolia, the production of grape wine has been fostered by the government after cashmere and sucking animals. At the same time, winemaking is a major project in the development of the western area, and has great potential. Our company is playing the key role in the agriculture of Wuhai and Inner Mongolia. We have our own vinyards and long-term contracts with local farmers growing grapes according to our quality requirements, to ensure sufficient supply. With only 300 full-time employees, we are able to produce 20,000 tons of wine per year. Our enterprise plays a leading role for the local agriculture.

Our company owns modern equipment imported from France. We have engaged famous wine experts and other specialists to research and develop the production. We have dry red wine, dry white wine, Lycium Chinense, Cynomorium Songaricum, Saline Cistanche, and other varieties. Our production of wine is of high quality and maintains a good balance between sugar, acidity, and a strong fragrance.

Our advantages of having started before others, of enjoying the support from the government, and the guarantee of abundant funds give us a strong ability in research and development and successful market strategies. We sincerely invite potential business partners to cooperate with us.

Chateau Hansen

The Main Products

Chateau Hansen

Four-stars Cabernet Dry Red Wine

Selection of highest quality grapes from the north of Helan Mountain of Wuhai. Riped for over two years in French barrels. This product shows the high quality of the Cabernet series. Dark red and fragrant, with a harmonic and plentiful taste. It has a strong character which can be called the classics of the series. It represents high culture and temperament and is suitable for exclusive dinners and events.

Cabernet Sauvignon Dry Red Wine

Dry red wine selection of good quality grapes from the north of Helan Mountain of Wuhai, riped for more than two years in French barrels. Dark red like rubies, harmonic flavor. Suitable for business banquets.

Three-stars Cabernet Dry Red Wine

Dry red wine selection of quality grapes from the north of the Helan Mountain of Wuhai.

Bingxueli Grape Wine

Selection of fine quality Bingxueli grapes from the north of Helan Mountain of Wuhai. This production uses dried grapes to ferment in local dry weather condition. Riped in French barrels. Golden color, long fragrance, mellow and sweet.

Chardonnay Dry White Grape Wine

Hansen Chardonnay selects excellent quality grapes from the north of Helan Mountain of Wuhai, riped in French barrels for several years. Yellow like standing grain, fragrant, plentiful and minute, outstanding style. Worth storing and fit for all kinds of occasion.

Dry Red Wine

Hansen dry red wine follows the quintessence of human natural culture and selects excellent quality grapes from the north of Helan Mountain of Wuhai, riped in French barrels for several years. Ruby red, sweet taste, mellow and full. It's the most delicious with rich and generous food.

Natural good quality from the desert.

Hansen Winery


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